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 May 15, 2000
Delta Air Lines Announces Installation Of Overhead Bin Extensions

 Delta Air Lines' customers will find greater overhead bin storage space thanks to modification of its entire fleet of B-757 and MD-88 aircraft. Overhead bin extensions are being installed as a result of highly positive feedback from customers and flight crews after testing and analysis of the new bins on Delta's planes.

"Our customers requested that we meet their carry-on baggage needs more effectively, and Delta is answering," said Vicki Escarra, executive vice president - Customer Service for Delta Air Lines. "These extensions will improve comfort and convenience by allowing more bags to be placed in the bins rather than under the seats. It also will alleviate the number of bags checked at the gate. While our baggage policies will remain the same in terms of the size and number of carry-ons we allow, our aircraft will be far better equipped to handle those bags."

The extensions will significantly increase the size and efficiency of overhead bins by allowing for better utilization of space. The B-757 now will hold up to four of the popular 22-inch roller bags, whereas the original factory bins only held two of the bags placed lengthwise. The MD-88 will hold three of the bags, whereas the original bin configuration only held two.

Approximately 240 aircraft will receive the bin extensions. Installation has been completed on about 10 percent of the aircraft, with the remainder to be added within one year.