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 December 12, 2013
EVA Air and Singapore Airlines Team Up On Taipei-Singapore Flights; Give Passengers More Choices

 EVA Air and Singapore Airlines have inaugurated a new codeshare agreement on three daily flights between Taipei and Singapore. The carriers are giving both business and leisure passengers more flexibility and itinerary options, making travel between the two major destinations more convenient than ever.

"We're delighted to initiate the first codeshare agreement with another Star Alliance member since we joined the group in June," said Austin Cheng, President of EVA. "Together, we offer passengers the convenience of three flights a day between Taipei and Singapore. We're off to a good start and look forward to cooperating with more Star Alliance members in the future."

EVA operates daily flights on the route and Singapore Airlines flies two flights per day. The codeshare agreement includes all 21 weekly flights. Passengers arriving at or departing from Taipei or Singapore international airports from other destinations around the world can easily match their itineraries with the most convenient onward flight.

The newest member of Star Alliance, EVA uses its own well-developed route system to serve major destinations worldwide, including dozens of cities in Mainland China and throughout Asia. To or from Europe, Oceania, North America and cities in every region of Asia, EVA offers more easy, one-stop onward connections to more major business and leisure gateways than any other airline.