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 March 04, 2014
Jin Air Passengers Can Now Use PEDs During All Phases of Flight

 Jin Air received approval to allow passengers use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) on 1 March, 2014, first time among the Korea LCC (Low Cost Carrier) industry.

Accordingly, all passengers, including those who are departing from international destinations, will now be permitted to safely use their portable electronic devices in airplane mode, including tablets, smartphones and MP3 players during takeoff and landing. In the past, for safety reasons, the use of network systems on airplanes was strictly prohibited by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). However, passengers are still not permitted to make voice calls from their cell phones in-flight for safety reasons.

Jin Air

Jin Air was established in January 2008 and wholly-financed by Korean Air. The airline is young and exciting, traits reflected in its uniform of jeans. It is currently operating flights to 12 international destinations, from Incheon to Bangkok, Guam, Clark Field, Macau, Sapporo, Cebu, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Vientiane, Chiang Mai and from Jeju to Shanghai and 1 domestic route between Gimpo to the island of Jeju. Jin Air now serves its customers with a fleet of 11 environmentally friendly B737-800s and all maintenance and trainings are carried out by Korean Air which has over 40 years of experience. And to better utilise the belly capacity, Jin Air has commenced cargo services since November 2013.