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 April 23, 2014
Korean Air Extends Benefits of "Excellent Boarding Pass" Program

 Since Korean Air launched the "Excellent Boarding Pass" program in 2012, its passengers visiting Korea have been enjoying ultimate service excellence not only in flight but also on the ground.

"Excellent Boarding Pass" program provides discounts and additional benefits to passengers holding their boarding passes who depart from overseas regions and arrive in Korea. Passengers just need to present their IDs and Korean Air boarding passes to any of the partners within 7 days from the departure date (except for one partner) to enjoy these exclusive benefits.

Since the establishment of the program, Korean Air has partnered with over 30 affiliates to offer more variety and comprehensive benefits to its passengers after they disembark from the flights, which allows passengers to enjoy unique services in various places in Korea.

The passengers' benefits begin as soon as they arrive at the airport. They can exchange money at favorable rates and receive discounts to rent mobiles phones and to take public transportation from the airport to downtown areas from Korean Air's partners. Discount benefits are extended to more tourist attractions such as amusement parks, folk villages, theatres, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and department stores. "Excellent Boarding Pass" program provides customers with an enjoyable journey to explore Korea.

Korean Air recently introduced the new interactive video in order to allow its customers to know more about the "Excellent Boarding Pass" Program, so they would not miss out this wonderful opportunity.

Watch the video for more details about Korean Air's "Excellent Boarding Pass" Program:

As a leading global carrier, Korean Air will continue to provide more and better benefits to its passengers visiting Korea, and ensure ultimate service excellence both in flight and on the ground.