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 April 30, 2014
"JAL Sky Bespoke" To Be Introduced For In-Flight Sales On International Routes

 Japan Airlines (JAL) decided to introduce "JAL Sky Bespoke" on its international routes from May 1, 2014.

"JAL Sky Bespoke", is a special plan designed by Mr. Kundo Koyama who is the general advisor of new JAL products and services. Bespoke is derived from "be spoken" which means the unique products created by craftsmen possessing high technology with essence of tradition according to customers' view. As the first installment of total six in this series, JAL will introduce buffing glove in JAL limited color as in-flight sales item, made by John Lobb who is the well-known bootmaker for the British royal family.

Based on the concept of "providing customers with eternally favorite items", JAL is striving to deliver unforgettable in-flight shopping experience on every journey.

JAL continues taking challenges to bring customers with more innovative products and high-quality services.

Outline of "JAL Sky Bespoke"

1. Applicable Period

May 2014 - April 2015

(New products will be introduced every two months)

2. Basic Concept

In cooperation with Mr. Kundo Koyama, the general advisor of new JAL products and services and famous Broadcast writer, JAL will introduce more original and top quality brands from the world for in-flight shopping.

3. New Product Introduced Between May and June 2014

Buffing glove in JAL limited color made by John Lobb

4. Contact For In-Flight Sales

TEL: 0120-25-4716

Contact number when calling international or from a mobile phone: +0081-(0)3-3458-9131

Operating hours 09:30~17:00

(Closed Sat. Sun, Holidays and between Dec. 29 and Jan. 3)