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 June 04, 2014
Korean Air Presents Traditional Inflight Meal "Bibimpap" At 2014 K-Culture Festival In Beijing

 Korean Air, the flagship carrier of South Korea, introduced its signature dish "Bibimbap" to Chinese appetites at the 2014 Touch K-Culture Festival in Beijing on May 31.

1At the Festival held by the Korea Tourism Organization to promote cultural exchange between Korea and China, Korean Air held an inflight cuisine cooking event where the airline's award winning traditional Korean inflight meal, "Bibimbap", was introduced to thousands of visitors.

Bibimbap, one of the most popular Korean dishes, is made of white rice topped with vegetables, beef and Gochujang (chili pepper paste). Korean Air was the first airline to serve Bibimbap as an inflight meal, and the airline has helped create worldwide awareness of Korean cuisine and, in recognition of its efforts and quality of cuisine, the airline was awarded the prestigious Mercury Award from IFCA (International Flight Catering Association) in 1998.

At the 2014 Touch K-Culture Festival, visitors were given insights into successful Bibimbap cooking, by a chef who specializes in traditional Korean dishes. The executive chef talked about the origin of the dish and its recipe. Some lucky visitors were given the chance to participate in the cooking with participants joining in the fun mixing all the ingredients together in a vast bowl. After the demonstration Korean Air flight attendants served the cooked Bibimbap to the crowds.

As well as Bibimbap, Korean Air also introduced its traditional Korean 'table d'hôte' menu, which is served in First Class and another popular Korean dish "Bulgogi with rice" - rice topped with stir-fried beef.

Korean Air also provided another attraction at the Festival; 'The Teddy Bear Photo Zone' where visiting children were able to dress up in kid-sized Korean Air crew uniforms and have their photos taken with giant teddy bears, also dressed as crew.

The Korean Air activities at the Festival were a huge success, drawing hundreds of people who queued patiently in long queues, even before the start of the event. The 800 servings of Bibimbap and Bulgogi with rice ran out in just an hour.

As a Korean cultural ambassador, Korean Air has been actively participating in renowned world travel fairs held in various cities around the world, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Auckland.

Utilizing its international reach via its passengers, Korean Air is committed to promoting Korean culture and cuisine to the world.