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 January 20, 2012
PATA Salutes US Travel & Tourism Initiative and ASEAN Activism

 The ability of travel to boost economic activity and create employment has in the past week been recognised by political leaders on both sides of the Pacific.

On Thursday January 19 in Washington, USA, President Obama announced a national strategy to boost travel in the United States, an industry that currently supports 14 million jobs but has lost significant global market share of international travelers (17% to 11% 2010 to 2000).

Last week at the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in Manado, Indonesia, ASEAN Ministers at their annual tourism forum pressed ahead with co-operative plans to deliver "responsible sustainable tourism".

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia Mari Elka Pangestu, the host of this 1,200 public and private sector gathering echoed Obama's Executive Order, by calling for the obstacles to travel and tourism growth to be removed "a common ASEAN visa is the goal, more creative economy jobs will be the result."

Mr Martin J Craigs, PATA CEO applauded both initiatives: "This is a sign of the times political leaders from both sides of the Pacific recognising the vital economic and social benefits of our members' efforts."