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 December 13, 2000
Oracle E-Business Provides Access To Dun & Brad's Global Business Info

 Oracle Corp. today announced the integration of Dun & Bradstreet's intelligent business information with the Oracle(R) E-Business Suite. The offering will enable companies to quickly access customer information from Dun & Bradstreet's database of more than 60 million businesses worldwide to reduce transaction costs, remove redundancies and build profitable, quality business relationships with customers and business partners.

The Dun &Bradstreet (D&B) database is the world's largest and most comprehensive global business information repository. Traditionally, companies have accessed D&B information resources through the D&B Web site, By embedding D&B information with Oracle Receivables, data is obtained and maintained directly in the application database, without the need to install additional software or hire integration consultants. Oracle customers will now be able to view business, risk and corporate family data from D&B to enhance their credit and risk management decisions without ever leaving the Oracle E-Business Suite.

"Business success today hinges on the ability to effectively centralize and utilize available resources," said Steve Miranda, vice president, Oracle Application Development. "Oracle continues to work with leading partners like Dun & Bradstreet to provide critical business growth and management tools through a single, powerful solution, the Oracle E-business Suite."

Through the seamless integration of Dun & Bradstreet's intelligent business information with the Oracle E-Business Suite, customers can gain or obtain immediate access to key business intelligence about their trading partners. With this information, customers can perform more efficient business-to-business transactions with less effort required for transaction processing and substantially reduce transaction costs.

"D&B for Oracle Applications provides organizations using Oracle's enterprise business applications greater sophistication in business-to-business transactions, whether with suppliers, customers, or business partners," said Dr. Katherine Jones, research director, Aberdeen Group. "Entering the huge Dun & Bradstreet repository directly through the Oracle E-Business Suite provides immediate access to data critical in risk management, enabling customers to make more informed business decisions faster."

The combined offering of Dun & Bradstreet and the Oracle E-Business Suite consists of two components: an online component and a batch load component, both of which are seamlessly integrated in Oracle's E-business suite. Organizations may purchase D&B data online one customer at a time, and purchase data in batches for many customers through D&B's Data Rationalization Service.