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March 08, 2002
US Ambassador To Lead Delegation To Sarawak, Johor, And Penang

The U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia and the American business community have devised a unique approach to building ties between Malaysia and the United States - they will take to the skies and roads of Malaysia, and visit four cities from March...
February 25, 2002
US-ASEAN Business Council Calls For Stronger U.S.-ASEAN Ties

The US-ASEAN Business Council has released a paper calling on the Bush Administration and the Congress to explore ways to expand and deepen United States engagement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The Council argue...
February 12, 2002
Australia Is No Island, Says ICC President

Australia can become a regional economic leader, but only if it keeps itself open to trade and investment and fully integrates into the global economy, said ICC President Richard McCormick on a visit to Australia. Writing in the Australi...
February 02, 2002
The Executive Center for Global Leadership

The Bali Hilton International was chosen as a prestigious venue for the official launching of the "Executive Center for Global Leadership" on Saturday, February 2, 2002. The official opening was performed by The Minister of Industry and Tra...
December 14, 2001
PM Thaksin Tells U.S. Companies: Thailand is Open for Business

Washington, D.C.: Thailand's Prime Minister Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra met (December 14) with American business leaders to discuss his vision for the Thai economy and to identify priority areas for new economic activity, particularly investment...
November 29, 2001
Japanese Travel Business Executives Meet In Hawaii "Freedom To Travel"

In a drive to boost Japanese tourism to Hawaii after the post September 11 slump, a group of Japanese travel business executives together with Hawaiian travel industry representatives will hold a special tourism conference in Honolulu, Hawa...
November 29, 2001
US-ASEAN Business Council Outlines Business Priorities

The US-ASEAN Business Council participated in a discussion of business issues in the ASEAN region during the ASEAN-U.S. Dialogue, held in Washington, DC. In a series of presentations on key business issues in the region, the Council emphasi...
November 20, 2001
TDC: Hong Kong A "Risk-Manager" For Overseas Firms In China Market

Rapidly growing numbers of overseas companies are using Hong Kong as a platform, a partner and a risk-manger to capitalise on opportunities in the Chinese mainland, UK business leaders were told (November 19). Chairman of the Trade Developm...
November 09, 2001
World Business Leader Hails Impending Chinese Admission To The WTO

President of the International Chamber of Commerce, American businessman Richard D. McCormick, has hailed the impending decision by the World Trade Organization to admit China as "an historic event of enormous positive implications for the ...
October 30, 2001
APEC Tourism Working Group To Meet In Ayutthaya, Thailand

About 50 senior officials of national tourism organisations from 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies are to convene for the 19th Tourism Working Group Meeting in Ayutthaya during November 21-23, 2001. A study being comp...
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