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Car/Limo Rentals

 January 12, 2000

 The Hertz Corporation announces the introduction of the Jaguar XJ8 and the all new S-TYPE vehicles into its rental fleet. The vehicles, which will be part of Hertz' new premium-luxury car class, are available in nine cities throughout the country, including Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa and West Palm Beach. In addition, vehicles will be available in Dallas, Denver, and Las Vegas during the first quarter of 2000.

"We're excited to introduce the Jaguar XJ8 and S-TYPE vehicles into Hertz' fleet," commented Walter Seaman, Hertz Division Vice President, Fleet Maintenance and Car Sales Operations. "Increased customer demand warranted the introduction and, with key cities throughout the country offering these prestigious vehicles, we are confident that we will be able to fulfill customer's expectations." Setting the standard for high-performance luxury automobiles, Jaguar combines style and comfort with the finest of luxuries available in the automobile industry and is known to be innovative and stylish, while offering refinement, durability and reliability. In addition, both the Jaguar XJ8 and the Jaguar S-TYPE vehicle offer drivers and passengers alike the utmost in cutting-edge "automobile" technology.

The XJ8 sedan offers a responsive ride, a luxurious interior and an elegant profile. Its 290 horsepower AJ-V8 engine provides extreme power and state-of-the-art driving dynamics. In addition, the XJ8 features automatic stability control; power-assisted, speed-sensitive variable ratio steering and driver and front passenger front and side airbags.

The new Jaguar S-TYPE is a 4-door rear-wheel drive luxury sport mid-size sedan that offers graceful style, refined power and agile handling. Available in a 3.0 liter, 240 horsepower V6 engine or a 4.0 liter, 281 horsepower V8 engine, the car offers a 5-speed automatic transmission. The Jaguar S-TYPE features dynamic stability control; chest and side-impact air bags; computer active technology suspension system; rain sensitive windshield wipers and a heated wiper pack and dual-zone automatic climate control system. In addition, all Jaguars available in Hertz' fleet will be equipped with the company's "next generation" NeverLost(R) Global Positioning System (GPS).

Hertz' "next generation" NeverLost unit, mounted in the front of the car's interior between driver and passenger seats, features a screen that is approximately 2 1/2" X 1 3/4". The screen features a high-resolution (more than 70,000 pixels), high-contrast color display that is brighter than most laptop computers as well as an extensive digital street map, with bold, easy-to-understand visual turn icons.

The GPS's database includes coverage of the 48 contiguous US states, voice prompts in seven languages -- including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish; improved graphic interface, and a Locate Button that displays the vehicle's exact location.