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 January 11, 2000

 The Hertz Corporation has rolled out two new technologies that will enhance customer service for #1 Club Gold customers renting at US airport locations. The first is an improved, second-generation version of Hertz' Gold Electronic Manifest (GEM) system. The second is the introduction of a new technology, Flight Arrival Notification Systems (FANS).
Hertz' GEM system - which employs a non-verbal, electronic, wireless technology that redefines the speed and accuracy of communications between Hertz courtesy shuttle bus operators and Hertz #1 Club Gold rental facilities for arriving Gold customers - was first introduced in 1996. The new, improved version allows Hertz courtesy bus drivers to immediately transmit the names of arriving #1 Club Gold customers, thus ensuring the smooth process Hertz #1 Club Gold customers expect each time they rent.
"While we have been offering our #1 Club Gold service since 1989, we recognize the importance of employing cutting-edge technology that supports and continues to improve our customers' rental experiences. Although GEM is a back-end service not seen by our customers, it is an implicit technological element that helps to increase and maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of our #1 Club Gold customers," said Robert J. Bailey, Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance and Administration for Hertz.
Hertz has deployed the second generation of GEM at over 10 airports nationwide, with 20 more planned by the end of March. ZAMBA Solutions, the nation's largest consulting and systems integration firm with an exclusive focus on Customer Care, provided the expertise and helped in developing the technology necessary for Hertz' next-generation GEM system.
The second technological advance is the introduction of Flight Arrival Notification System (FANS), a satellite technology and "real-time" flight arrival information system that enables Hertz to better service Gold customers by preparing Gold rental stalls in conjunction with potential flight delays and cancellations. With this technology, Hertz #1 Club Gold stalls are ready and waiting for deplaning customers, thus, taking into account delayed or cancelled flights for reserved Gold customers.
FANS displays flight arrival information that is used by Hertz' #1 Club Gold personnel to monitor flight arrivals, delays or cancellations. The technology is provided by Flyte Comm of Plantation, Florida. "We have implemented FANS because it again provides a technology that allows us to be more productive in processing and ensuring that our #1 Club Gold customers are serviced in the most efficient and timely way," continued Bailey. "By having a precise 'time-predictor' of customer arrival time, Hertz' Gold service can implement a "just-in-time" rental methodology, thus, providing the best service for our customers."
Hertz has rolled out FANS at more than 50 airport locations. Hertz operates a fleet of 550,000 vehicles from more than 6,300 locations in more than 140 countries worldwide.
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