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 November 11, 1999

 The Hertz Corporation has announced the introduction of expanded cellular phone services for customers traveling overseas. Provided by International Phone Rentals, Inc. (IPR), US customers heading to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia now have the option of renting a cellular phone prior to their departure when booking a car from Hertz.
To launch its exclusive association with Hertz, IPR is offering customers their first three days of cellular phone rental free when renting a cellular phone for seven days or more and customers receive a special cellular phone rental price of $7.50 per day for the remaining rental days. This special offer is applicable on all seven-day plus cellular phone rentals reserved by January 31, 2000.
"Requests for cellular phone rentals have increased and the demand merited our offering increased cellular phone services," commented Elliot Friedman, Division Vice President, Travel Industry and Commercial Marketing for Hertz Rent A Car. "Operable in more than 100 countries, the expanded cellular phone rental services, as well as the extensive country coverage, underscores our commitment to providing international travelers with services that meet and exceed their expectations and needs."
Customers interested in renting a cellular phone may do so by calling Hertz' international reservation desk toll-free at 1-800-654-3001 or through their travel agent, at least 24-hours prior to departure. Customers simply advise the Hertz reservationist of their request and, upon completion of the car rental reservation, Hertz will transfer the customer directly to IPR. The phone, along with a portable carry case, two fully charged batteries, a 12-volt automobile charger, and a universal adapter will be delivered to the customer's home or office prior to departure from the US.
Prior to receipt of the phone, customers are allocated a working phone number (UK-based) that operates in all countries where service is provided.
In addition, the kit contains calling instructions for all countries. Standard cellular phone rental rates are $7.95 per day, $49 per week and $130 per month. There is no daily minimum usage requirement, no activation fee and no value-added-tax (VAT).
Customers are responsible for any airtime call charges that they incur. Airtime costs vary, but range from, in the United Kingdom, $.64 per minute for local calls within the UK, $1.98 per minute for calls to Western Europe and $2.40 per minute for calls to the US. There is no charge for incoming calls in the UK. In Germany, prices range from $2.69 per minute for local calls within Germany, $2.67 per minute for calls to Western Europe, $2.69 per minute for calls to the US and $2.33 per minute for incoming calls. A full list of airtime costs is provided to the customer upon receipt of the phone. Customers are also responsible for a round-trip shipping charge of $25 per phone rental.
IPR provides customers with Ericsson 600 Series GSM or Nokia 2000 Series GSM cellular handsets. Phones are configured, at no extra charge, with a voice mail option.
For more information, call Hertz toll-free at 1-800-654-3001, or visit Hertz on the web at