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 November 08, 1999

 The Hertz Corporation unveils its "next generation" NeverLost(R) satellite navigation system at the World Congress Trade Show on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Toronto, Ontario. Manufactured by Magellan Corporation, the satellite access products subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corporation, the NeverLost system will be deployed in Hertz' Canadian fleet starting in mid-December. More than 20,000 units have already been installed in the company's US fleet, while the company plans to install further units in Europe in mid-2000.
"Hertz has led the car rental industry in providing vehicle navigation technology for travellers since 1995 and we're delighted to introduce our NeverLost system for the first time in Canada,'' commented John Samuelson, Division Vice President and General Manager for Hertz Canada, Ltd.
"Responding to customer demand, Hertz' international expansion and introduction of 'next generation' technology gives us a true, global superiority in offering navigational systems within the marketplace.
"With this expansion, Hertz will offer the largest worldwide fleet of navigation systems in the car rental industry,'' said Samuelson.
At the heart of Hertz NeverLost is a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, which is used to calculate the exact location of the car based upon signals from orbiting satellites, a computer map and a database that directs travelers to their designated destination.
Hertz' "next generation" units are mounted on the vehicle's dashboard between the driver and passenger. The unit's screen is approximately 5.5 cm X 3.85 cm and features a high resolution (more than 70,000 pixels), high-contrast colour display that is brighter than most laptop computers. In addition the screen features an extensive digital street map, with bold, easy-to-understand visual turn icons.
The system also has an expanded database that includes detailed, street-level coverage for both Toronto and Vancouver as well as the major road systems of Canada. In the US, the system's database contains coverage of the 48 contiguous states. Voice prompts are also available in seven languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish; and a Locate Button.
The Locate Button immediately displays on the screen the vehicle's exact location. If customers require assistance from Hertz' Emergency Roadside Assistance service, they can easily let Hertz know their exact location.
In addition to the Canadian deployment, Hertz plans to begin deploying units in France, Germany and the United Kingdom in mid-2000 and, later that year, in Australia.
Cars equipped with the NeverLost navigation system will be available in Canada for an additional CN$9.00 per day or CN$45 per week and, in the US for an additional US$6.00 per day or US$30 per week.