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 June 18, 2010
China Eastern Launches UATP Program

 China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd., (Shanghai), has announced the launch of its prestigious UATP-based business travel program, offering Chinese corporations China Eastern Airline's UATP accounts for global air travel spend. To meet customer demands, China Eastern Airlines chose to become a UATP account provider and expand its corporate market share.

"Within the new strategic structure, China Eastern Airlines is trying to become a customer oriented airline. In the past year, China Eastern Airlines has done in-depth analysis of different customer groups and integrated their air travel requirements which resulted in creative products, such as Easy Travel Card (E card)," said Mr. Ma Xulun, General Manager of China Eastern Airlines. "Account E is an upgraded program related to corporate clients. The product provides stronger and more comprehensive cost analysis support to corporate clients with first hand data. The launching of the program shows that China Eastern Airline's programs are in healthy development and expanding."

"UATP is pleased to launch a program in China with such distinguished companies as China Eastern Airlines and 99Bill. We look forward to seeing the success of the program," Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP said. "UATP is helping China Eastern Airlines expand its corporate program and build customer loyalty to their brand; we will continue to work with China Eastern Airlines for the future expansion of the program."

China Eastern Airlines UATP account holders will receive state-of-the-art air travel activity through detailed informational reporting. China Eastern Airlines will utilize 99Bill, the leading independent payment service provider in China, to complete its comprehensive suite of secure, safe and convenient payment solutions.

"As a strategic partner of China Eastern Airlines, 99Bill has been committed to support the company's information construction through our innovative payment service solutions. With the launch of 'Account E' service that is designed for large enterprises, 99Bill, as the operator of the platform, will provide a full suite of solutions for China Eastern Airlines. We believe that enterprise customers will be the ultimate beneficiary from the advanced travel management solutions, while China Eastern Airlines will strengthen its advantage in large enterprise market", said Oliver Kwan, CEO of 99Bill Corporation.