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 July 07, 2005
Tourism Australia Expands In Canada

 Tourism Australia (TA) plans to expand operations in Canada by opening an office in Toronto Managing Director, Scott Morrison, said at the 2005 Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) in Perth. "Tourism Australia's increased focus on the Canada market reflects confidence in the growth potential of the market. Canada is one of the world's strongest growing economies and our increased focus in this market is a demonstration of Tourism Australia's focus on yield and dispersal," Scott Morrison said

"The closer we are to the market, through an office on the ground in Toronto, the better we can focus our marketing efforts in this emerging market.

"Canada has become somewhat of a rising star with arrivals in 2004 totaling 98,189, an 11.7% increase on the previous year -- and the best year ever for Australia out of Canada. Importantly arrivals are forecast to grow 6.8% and top the 100,000 mark over the next twelve to eighteen months.

"This will be the first time TA has had an office in Canada but recent investments in Canada have already paid dividends and prepared the way for this new push."

Last year Robert Ruttan was appointed as Distribution Manager, which has proved to be a very effective move in developing closer relationships with key industry partners, while our long time PR rep Anne Cousineau has kept the Australia light burning in Canada for more than ten years.

TA's marketing cost per response and conversion rates in Canada are very promising. The Australia Different Light (ADL) Airpass campaign has generated 4,100 leads in Canada, more than twice the number of the previous campaign. Consumer conversion is also strong, with 46% of ADL leads having subsequently booked or traveled to Australia.

"Canadians very much fit the profile of our ideal visitor as they are mature travelers and Canada is an extremely FIT market. Canadians travelers represent a very significant opportunity for regional Australia. They are adventurous travelers who like to get off the beaten path and travel beyond the gateways.

"TA's clear purpose, contained in the Corporate Plan 2005/06 to 2007/08 released this week, is to grow total visitor spend by increasing total and average length of stay and to grow dispersal and regional visitor spend by encouraging visitors to travel outside the major gateways. This will in turn generate jobs growth, particularly in regional, rural and remote areas and contribute to Australia's continued economic prosperity."