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 January 13, 2006
Tasmania A 'Must See' For International Travellers

 Tasmania has been touted as a 'must see' destination by one of North America's top travel guides Frommers. The ranking is another star grading for Tasmania's growing global profile and reaffirms the appeal of its unspoilt environment and diversity according to Tourism Minister Paula Wriedt. "Tasmanians already know how lucky they are to enjoy the nature and lifestyle in our own backyard. This latest international recognition really reaffirms our status as one of the world's most alluring destinations."

"We are really hitting the mark as a sought-after destination, especially with travellers looking for more authentic and natural experiences," said Ms Wriedt. "More importantly in the ever-competitive tourism market, Tasmania is one of only ten destinations in the world and the only Australian destination listed by Frommers."

Ms Wriedt said Frommers is the leading travel guidebook and website in one of our core markets -- North America.

"You can't ask for a better endorsement within a core market and in one of the world's biggest consumer bases," she said. "The listing is guaranteed to put Tasmania on the holiday wish-list of travellers and will certainly be a major boost in continuing to raise our profile."

"Publicity surrounding the release of the Frommers 2006 list has also ensured widespread promotion of Tasmania in North America," she said.

Frommers describes Tasmania as follows: The name "Tasmania" suggests an unspoiled place, with vast stretches of wilderness roamed by strange creatures like the Tasmanian devil. Visitors to Tasmania are surprised by its size, as the distances are certainly manageable.

Dense rainforests, mountain peaks, alpine meadows, great lakes, eucalyptus stands, and fertile farmland are all easily accessible. Tasmania's other main draw is its history. Remains of the Aboriginal people who lived here for tens of thousands of years are evident in isolated rock paintings, engraving, stories, and the aura of spirituality that still holds tight in places where modern civilization has not yet reached.

A Must: The national park and World Heritage area that encompasses both Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair is one of the most spectacular regions in Australia and, after Hobart and Port Arthur, the most visited place in Tasmania.

Other destinations that made Frommers 'must see' list include:
• Amador County, California
• Belem, Brazil
• Charleston, South Carolina
• Glasgow, Scotland
• Goa, India
• Kenyan Game Parks
• Margarita, Venezuela
• Molokai, Hawaii
• Ramah, New Mexico

Criteria included places that were on the rise, were unspoilt by swarms of tourists and were not out-priced due to their reputation and accessibility.

Ms Wriedt said that Tasmania continued to feature amongst "Top 10" lists in travel categories, out-ranking other higher-profile destinations, showing that our core assets and unspoilt beauty is what today's traveller is seeking.

"We know we are on the right track with our marketing internationally because we continue to receive such high praise from leading travel publications around the world."