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 August 23, 2006
Speaking Chinese Easier Than Ever Before With New Phonetics Book

 Quick fact: In classrooms on the other side of the world, 200 million children in China are learning English. While in the U.S., only *20,000 children are learning Mandarin-Chinese.

How would you say "No problem!" in Chinese? Simply say "May wen tee!"

That's how easy it is to speak Mandarin with the new book created by two educators living abroad. Tim green and Zhao Fang (Sam to her friends) labored for two years to create a language book that met some very special personal and educational goals:

"First, it had to make learning Mandarin as clear and simple as possible, both visually and auditorily. Second, we wanted to make the learning process fun by adding some humor and crazy tidbits. Finally, it had to contain words and phrases you would actually use in China."

The bottom line is that if you are a native English reader and speaker, you can sound out the words and phrases in exactly the same way you learned to pronounce your vocabulary in grade school. This amazing and delightful book serves up a generous amount of helpful travel information, as well as a revolutionary technique for learning the Chinese language easily in simple phonetic English.

Speak EZ Chinese is a quick and easy pocket guide that will be viewed as a god send by travelers and business people. It contains thousands of words and hundreds of crucial phrases that can be learned and used at a glance.

Packed with lots of humorous slang and Chinese idioms, this book covers more than just the basics.

Speak EZ Chinese in Phonetic English by Zhao Fang and Timothy Green
ISBN 0-9771953-0-9
$11.95 US $13.95 Canada
Published by INCITE, Fergus Falls, MN

Available at, Barnes and Noble, B. Daltons, Chapters, Borders and most independent book sellers.