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 December 06, 2000
Australia Must Prepare For 10 Million International Tourists In 2010


Australia Must Prepare For 10 Million
International Tourists In 2010

The Australian tourism industry must now prepare for the 10 million international visitors forecast to visit Australia in 2010, Australian Tourist Commission (ATC) Managing Director, John Morse said today.

Speaking following the release of the new Tourism Forecasting Council (TFC) figures by Minister for Tourism Jackie Kelly, Mr Morse said the figures highlighted the importance of Australia's inbound tourism industry. "The forecasts clearly show that Australian tourism is on the verge a booming decade," he said. "These visitors will collectively generate $235.37 billion over the next ten years to the Australian economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

"However, the forecast growth in inbound arrivals has many implications for the industry and tourism operators, education sector the wider business community and governments must prepare for the massive growth in inbound arrivals over the next ten years.

"The forecasts will only be realised should Australia have the job skills, the infrastructure, the product and the promotion. We need to be able to get them here, provide beds, feed them as well as entertain and provide tourism experiences while in Australia.

"If these forecasts are to be realised we need to address issues such as tourism infrastructure, preparing our workforce with skills such as languages as well as continue to aggressively promote Australia as a tourist destination.

Mr Morse said the figures show that by 2010 many of Australia's tourist markets would be delivering around 1 million visitors each year including the UK, US, NZ, China and Japan. "Strong growth is forecast to continue from the US with an annual average growth rate of 7.1 per cent with 891,000 visitors in 2010," Mr Morse said. "Similarly, the UK is forecast to grow steadily with a 6.2 per cent annual average growth rate until 2010 to reach 1.1 million visitors.

"Japan, one of Australia's biggest tourism markets, is expected to return to growth over the next decade and is forecast to increase by an average 4.3 per cent each year until 2010, which is great news for our sector.

"The figures also show that Asia will continue to be an important region, with visitor arrivals expected to double in five year (1.4 million in 2000 to 2.8 million in 2006).

Mr Morse said some of the best tourism performers for the first decade of the new century would be the emerging markets such as China and Korea. "China is set to become one of our biggest international tourism markets with visitor arrivals forecast to increase by a massive 25.2 per cent year to reach 1.1 million by 2010," he said. "Strong growth is also expected from Korea with an increase of 18.3 per cent growth each year to 2010."

"New Zealand, which has emerged as Australia's biggest tourism markets is forecast to grow steadily with an annual average growth rate of 2.1 per cent until 2010.

Mr Morse said the outlook for the Australian tourism industry was strong for a number of reasons, which has led to the upward revision of the TFC forecasts. "More affordable flights and a greater number of airlines flying to Australia as well as a continued enthusiasm for travel to Australia will spur rises in both visitor numbers and spending over the next decade.

"Similarly the forecast growth from our emerging markets including China, Korea, the Middle East and India will see Australia reach the forecast 10 million visitors by 2010.
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