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 April 12, 2007
Hong Kong Unveils Interactive Itinerary Planner

 The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has introduced a web-based Interactive Itinerary Planner, a user-friendly online tool that enables visitors to create personalised itineraries before arriving in Hong Kong.

All visitors need to do is select their length of stay and preferences with just a few clicks on the HKTB's website (, and the planner will devise their tour itinerary. Visitors can also change, add and mix and match activities best suited to their interests, or choose among the five themed itineraries. These include first-timers' finds, family fun, culture caravan, islands and green, and transiting thrills.

The Interactive Itinerary Planner presents the total Hong Kong experience, combining recommendations on sightseeing, culture and heritage, as well as local tours. Visitors can search and bookmark shopping and dining establishments, all of which are accredited under the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) scheme. Furthermore, the planner will provide point-to-point transportation information to help visitors get around easily. The Interactive Itinerary Planner is currently available in English and in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and the HKTB will continue to develop other language versions.

Mr Michael Lim, Marketing Manager, Canada of the HKTB said that increasing numbers of visitors are using the Internet to plan their trips. "At present, the HKTB's website enjoys some 12 million page views each month," he explained. "Riding on the global trend towards online travel marketing, we've expanded our web promotions and information tools. Along with the PDA Leisure Guide for Business Visitors launched in 2005, the Interactive Itinerary Planner will enable visitors to tailor - make itineraries according to their needs and interests prior to arrival, so that they can fully enjoy Hong Kong's diverse experiences during their stay."

The Interactive Itinerary Planner complements the HKTB's existing electronic information tools, which provide visitors with convenient access to up-to-date, tailor-made tourist information before and upon arrival. As well as devising their itineraries with the planner, visitors can download the Leisure Guide for Business Travellers to their PDA prior to arrival, so that they can access handy information and map of the city while in town. And as they tour around, they can listen to shopping and dining tips, and on-the-spot commentaries on key attractions through their mobile phones by using the Hong Kong Mobile Host service. Together these tools ensure that visitors can make the most of their time and enjoy a total experience during their visit to Hong Kong.