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 November 08, 2007
Kosrae Visitors Bureau (Micronesia) Launches New Web Site

 The Kosrae Visitors Bureau has launched a new Web site to provide travelers and the travel trade easy access to information about the beautiful island, one of the Federated States of Micronesia.

According to Kosrae Visitor Bureau Director Grant Ismael, this Web site was designed to provide a real sense of the island's people and attractions via the Internet. The site covers Kosrae's interesting culture, spectacular coral reefs and undersea world, its diving, hiking and eco-tourism programs as well as accommodations and dining options that are available to island visitors. It also includes a calendar that lists important and interesting island events.

Kosrae is a lush 42-square-mile Pacific island of 7,000 people located a few hours southeast of Guam and southwest of Hawaii. The island is known among diving enthusiasts for its virgin fringing reef and pristine waters, with visibility up to 200+ feet and an amazing variety of hard and soft corals, fish and marine life. It is an underwater playground for wreck divers as its natural harbors are the final resting place for two sunken whaling ships, two WWII shipwrecks and several airplanes. On land, the majestic 2,064 feet high Mt. Finkol is an ideal location for hiking and jungle trekking.

The native Kosraen culture is alive and well. Traditional singing and chanting, weaving, woodcarving, canoe building and fishing are still practiced by many Kosreans today.