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 December 12, 2001
Raffles International Unveils Equinox

 On November 28, Raffles International launched its latest brainchild, Equinox, a refreshingly new concept in dining and entertainment. Equinox, the complex, boasts five restaurants and bars as well as private dining with a total seating capacity of over 900. Adding to its uniqueness is its location: Equinox is situated on Levels 68 through 72 of Singapore's landmark Raffles City Complex, providing spectacular views of Singapore as well as Malaysia and Indonesia. Equinox was conceptualised and developed by Raffles International, acknowledged for its expertise as a creator and innovator of lifestyle concepts.

Equinox takes its name from the time when day and night are of perfectly equal length. It is an unusual phenomenon, which occurs only two days in a year. At Equinox, this "perfect harmony" is a daily happening 365 days a year. The complex reflects Singapore's international reputation as the "New Asia". Its contemporary design acknowledges this modern city state's status as an international port, tourism hub and world financial centre, while incorporating the timeless traditions that define the cultures of Asia.

Spanning a total area of 3,700 square metres (40,000 sq. feet), Equinox offers incredible choice, each unique and appealing in its own special way.