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 January 30, 2002
Spotlight on Korean Festivals & Events

 Korea has over 300 local festivals to offer international travelers during 2002. The Ministry of Culture & Tourism along with the Korea National Tourism Organization want visitors to Korea to experience the 5000 years of culture and tradition throughout the whole countryside.

Jindo Yeongdeung Festival, the Mystical Parting of the Sea (April 26-29)

Dubbed as the ?Moses Miracle? by Koreans and viewed by thousands. An amazing 40 metre wide sandbank emerges to reveal an almost mystical pathway as the tide recedes the 2.8 km stretch between southern Korea?s Jindo and Modo Islands. Set to take place April 26-29, the Moses Miracle is the focus of the annual Yeongdeung Festival with many events taking place during the festival. Visitors from all over the world participate in the walk on the land bridge between the two islands picking up seaweed, clams and other items to be found on the sea floor. Other events include many ancient rites, folk performances, a hundred-boat parade, and Jindo Arirang (Korea?s national folk song) classes.

Korean Traditional Liquor and Cake Festival (March 30 ? April 5)

Held in Bomun Lake Resort in Gyeongju, the ancient city of the Silla Kingdom, it features many traditional Korean alcoholic beverages and rice cakes. The festival affords many opportunities for people to try their hand at making rice cakes, observe demonstrations, sample special wines and cakes or simply enjoy the exhibits.

Hadong Mountain Dew Tea Festival (May)

Hadong is regarded as the birthplace of Korea?s tea culture and to have the best climate and tea plantations in Korea. To commemorate the history of this area, dating back to an 828 envoy to China, Hadong County holds this wild tea festival every May. The local wild green teas are still picked and processed through nine stages by hand. Visitors can experience picking tealeaves and learn about the manufacturing process as well as the art of the traditional tea ceremony.

World Taekwondo Festival 2002 and the 5th Korea Open (June 28 ? July 7)

Located within the city of Cheongju, the festival will combine oriental medicine and acupuncture demonstrations, Taekwondo tours, exhibitions and demonstrations, traditional Korean performances, field trips highlighting Korean culture, as well as the Korea Open International Taekwondo Convention. Both the festival and the open will be memorable experiences for athletes, participants and observers.