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 February 03, 2009
Korea's 2009 Cultural Festivals & Events

 Enchant your senses at anyone of the many Korean Festivals taking place this winter and spring. With the wide range of festivals taking place all across Korea, there is something for everyone.

Jeju Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival
Feb. 12-14, 2009

The festival is held on the first full moon of the lunar calendar and it is to pray for a successful harvest to come. This festival marks the 11th anniversary this year and is held over a period of three days, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Jeju-do Island .

Lotus Lantern Festival
April 24-26, 2009

The annual festival is an important event in Seoul, held to commemorate the birth of Buddha. Over 100,000 individual lanterns, hand crafted with earnest devotion in all shapes and colours, are carried aloft to join in the parade of hundreds of massive lantern-floats, shaped like elephants, dragons, tigers, and more. They flow together in an ocean of lanterns, allowing you to see a grand spectacle of lights. In addition to various lantern exhibitions, the Lotus Lantern Festival features Buddhist events as well as traditional folk events all day long.

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival
April 24-May 10, 2009

The festival is located in Hampyeong a beautiful natural landscape with the vibrant color of the yellow rapeseed flowers in bloom. During the splendour of spring a majestic feeling overwhelms the land when tens of thousands of butterflies come to life.

Chuncheon International Mime Festival
May 22-31, 2009

This festival is the leading performing arts festival in Korea , and its fame has now spread across the globe. Each year, renowned artists from home and abroad give outstanding mime performances at this festival. Performances are held all day long and on the weekend during the festival period.

Muju Firefly Festival
June 13-21, 2009

This festival is an eco-friendly event, where the fireflies are indigenous only to the Namdaecheon Stream in the city of Muju , South Korea. People can experience what agricultural and village life is like in this mountainous area. With a variety of folkloric and traditional events taking place, people can truly experience a culture unlike any other.