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 February 09, 2001
Seabourn Site Scores In's 'Best Of The Web'

 Seabourn Cruise Line's onsite address,, has been selected by the editors of "Best of the Web" magazine as one of this season's best-designed and most effective sites on the world wide web.

Seabourn launched their site in December 1999, and it has been steadily growing both in content and in numbers of visitors since. In January 2001, the site registered 110,636 sessions, the first month in which the site has exceeded 100,000. About 63 percent of the inbound traffic is from North America, with the remaining 37 percent originating from Europe and Asia. The company also maintains a mirror site in the United Kingdom.

The Seabourn site's 325 megabytes of data contain colorful representations of the Seabourn vacation products, including full details about the line's six ships, their worldwide destinations, itineraries and details about the onboard services and features that comprise an ultra luxury travel experience the company terms "Seabourn Style."

Seabourn Web site

"We design our onboard product with careful thought for the comfort, ease and delight of the end-user," said Deborah Natansohn, Sr. VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Seabourn Cruise Line. "We pay the same attention to detail on our Web site, because we want it to reflect the luxurious Seabourn experience as fully as is possible."

Aside from the consumer content, there is a separate password area for use by professional travel agents, including information on policies and the capability to order brochures and collateral promotional materials online.