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 March 30, 2001
Regal China Cruises Immerses Travelers In Chinese Culture & Tradition

 Tai Chi is the graceful art form practiced daily by millions of Chinese as a martial art, an exercise and a means of improving the flow of internal energy within the body. Each morning, as the mist lingers over the Yangtze River, passengers aboard Regal China Cruises can learn more about this important aspect of Chinese culture through participating in Tai Chi lessons on the ship's Sun Deck. This true cultural immersion is part of Regal China Cruises' philosophy to provide travelers to the region with an authentic perspective of Chinese beliefs and customs.

Passengers Explore the Magic of Tai Chi

Tai Chi consists of regulated breathing combined with several sets of movements, many of which have been derived from the martial arts, that are performed slowly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions. The key to this practice is to exercise all the joints and major muscle groups while circulating one's "chi," or internal energy. As a result, Tai Chi promotes strength, stamina and flexibility, while tempering the joints of practitioners. Because the whole body moves as one, Tai Chi also cultivates the link between mind and body. As passengers learn to perform these exercises, they are encouraged to keep in mind that Tai Chi's goal is to achieve a calm and tranquil mind, which in turn, enhances ones balance and coordination. Often described as a moving form of yoga combined with meditation Tai Chi, provides a calming and relaxing holistic experience. The famous Three Gorges serve as the backdrop for the daily Tai Chi instruction on the Sun Deck of the ship, where instructors invite passengers to engage their minds and bodies in this Chinese tradition that is currently practiced around the world.

True Cultural Immersion

Regal China Cruises gives travelers a comprehensive look at Chinese culture and tradition. In addition to Tai Chi, the cruise line offers a variety of on-board cultural programs, lectures by American Cruise Directors, and activities including Mahjongg, classical Chinese entertainment, and lessons in Chinese shadow boxing, card games and calligraphy. Passengers can also schedule appointments with the ship's onboard doctor to experience the Chinese medical practices of acupuncture or acupressure. Regal China Cruises' carefully structured itineraries give travelers a glimpse into the agrarian lifestyle that dominates the Chinese countryside. This serves as the ideal complement to an itinerary focused on urban centers, including Chongqing, Sandouping and Wuhan. Daily land excursions expose travelers to many sites not easily accessible by land. All cruises visit the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric undertaking. When the ships dock in Sandouping, passengers take a bus across the Three Gorges Bridge, heading to the top of the hill for a birds-eye view of the construction from the observation deck.

Regal China Cruises provides a fascinating venture into China. The quality, service and the convenience of German-built cruise vessels, accommodating 258 passengers, offers the opportunity to enjoy the culture, food and tradition of this ancient country in complete comfort. Organized land excursions allow travelers to explore different regions, see the sights close-up and delve into the country's rich tradition. The skilled and attentive staff, fluent in Mandarin and English, is dedicated to making every cruise a pleasurable and memorable travel experience.