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 June 25, 2013
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Hong Kong Ready To Welcome Mega Ships

 Hong Kong is celebrated as one of the world's favourite cruise destinations, and now and into the future it is ready to welcome cruisers at one of the world's most exciting cruise terminals.

Many travellers will remember landing at Hong Kong's old Kai Tak Airport; a heart-stopping descent through the city to the runway in that famous harbour. Now that runway has been transformed by world-renowned architects and designers Foster + Partners into a state-of-the-art cruise terminal which also bears the name Kai Tak.

Already described by Departures magazine as "the Rolls-Royce of Cruise Terminals", Kai Tak is now ready to welcome visiting cruise ships. There will be two berths able to accommodate mega ships; the first is ready, the second will be completed in 2014.

Unlike most cruise terminals that are set in unappealing docklands and often far from city centres, Kai Tak extends into one of the world's most spectacular harbours. Not only will it offer travellers breath-taking views, it also places them close to Hong Kong's 'action': that East-Meets-West cosmopolitan city that is full of attractions.

And the views and the location are not the only things that set this terminal apart. It offers sophisticated and spacious terminal facilities that will ease the boarding and disembarking process and make those functions a pleasurable part of the cruising experience.

Whether passengers are embarking upon a short Asian cruise or are destined to circle the globe by sea, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal promises to offer an exceptional cruise adventure.