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 November 12, 2008
Sabre Travel Network Signs Chinese Airlines

 Sabre Travel Network has recently secured distribution agreements with four major Chinese carriers, providing Sabre Connected travel agents access to full content for all major airlines in China.

This year, China Eastern, Xiamen Airlines and Shandong Airlines signed multi-year agreements with Sabre providing all their schedule, fare and inventory information to the Sabre global distribution system (GDS).

Air China also recently signed a renewal of their distribution agreement with Sabre.

All major Chinese carriers now participate in the Sabre Travel Network GDS including, China Southern, Hainan Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, offering Sabre Connected travel agents the most comprehensive access to the booming Chinese travel market.

""More and more airlines choose to partner with Sabre because of our broad reach to agencies worldwide," said Hans Belle, Sabre Travel Network vice president and general manager -- Asia Pacific. "Sabre is able to help Chinese carriers broaden its customer reach through every channel of travel marketing, sales and distribution.

"Airlines in China recognize the GDS is a critical part of their sales and marketing efforts because it will allow them to grow globally by efficiently providing their fares to travellers within key markets beyond Asia," Belle continued.