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 June 09, 2010
Amadeus Introduces Car Booking Tool

 Amadeus is launching a new car booking tool which uses cutting-edge technology to power a user-friendly interface.

Travel agents using the Amadeus Selling Platform (version 4.2 and above) will be able to access Cars Plus in any one of the 10 languages supported by our global booking solution. Marion Fuhrmann, Office Manager Pforzheimer Reisebuero, Lufthansa City Center observed: "Making car bookings is now so simple, we can always find a product to match our client's specific criteria, and the easy-to-use comparison functionality ensures we are offering customers the best rental arrangement available. In fact, with enhanced graphics, images and mapping features, Cars Plus looks and feels like a consumer website, but has the advantage of integrated and powerful Amadeus booking technology."

In addition to the intuitive booking flow, Cars Plus includes new features, providing agents with the best sales tools available to deliver superior customer service; advanced search options (e.g. search for car rental offers around a landmark or an address), multiple comparative availability displays, data pre-population from customer profiles and company/travel agency policies or extensive multi-media (car images, product icons, maps) amongst others. Equipped with a top of the range booking tool, that is so simple to use, agents will be able to generate customer loyalty and create instant revenue opportunities from increased car rental sales.

For car providers, Cars Plus delivers important merchandising opportunities. Guirec Grand-Clément, Sales & Marketing Director, The Europcar Group explains, "now we can really differentiate our brand using the rich multi-media options available with Cars Plus to highlight our car rental offering, bringing to life our locations, in-car features and add-on services''. Guirec Grand-Clément adds "Cars Plus also helps enforce corporate and customer policy compliancy by matching each set of client preferences - an important feature for our business clients."

"We have already seen in our pilot agencies that Cars Plus has had an immediate impact on car booking behaviour" said Jérôme Vanazzi, Director of Amadeus Cars, and added "agents are developing a greater confidence in booking cars and, more importantly, are seeing the immediate benefits of incremental revenue and the added value they can offer customers. In addition, Cars Plus integrates all booking information directly into the PNR (Passenger Name Record), resulting in improved agent productivity and data consistency from front to back office systems. With such positive feedback, we are excited about delivering Cars Plus throughout our agency network over the coming months."