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 October 10, 2012
Abacus Unveils Innovation Automation Solution

 Abacus International has unveiled its newest solution Abacus AutomationHub at the Abacus International Conference 2012. Designed for automating business process and eliminating time-consuming manual tasks, this solution comes with a set of ready modules that will further help agency improve their operational efficiency.

Recent studies indicate that travel consultants can spend as much as 72 per cent of their daily hours on various routine tasks such as finishing PNRs and checking queues. Apart from the potential risk of errors from the repetitive and manual nature of these tasks, these activities also take up valuable resources which could otherwise be focused on customer engagement and sales generation.

Abacus looks to deploy Abacus AutomationHub specifically to help travel agencies further increase their competitive advantage and maximise growth potential in the rapidly evolving travel segment.

"Abacus AutomationHub is all about doing more with less -- enabling our agency customers to win more of the travel pie, and to do so profitably, by driving business efficiency as a competitive advantage," said Mr Brett Henry, Vice President, Commercial and Marketing, Abacus International, speaking at the event.

Abacus AutomationHub is a flexible and extensible solution platform that can fully automate those essential but time-consuming tasks such as schedule change notification, waitlist status processing and itinerary delivery. Fully hosted by Abacus, Abacus AutomationHub works non-stop during and outside office hours, keeping travel agencies running at full throttle around-the-clock.

"Time is a commodity that is of utmost importance to travel agents and this solution ensures that those tedious but essential tasks are never missed," Mr Henry said. "Based on each agency needs, Abacus AutomationHub can be personalised so that agents will have the time to focus on other revenue-generating activities."

A highly modular solution, Abacus AutomationHub can be configured, combined and extended to implement process workflows based on specific business needs. This allows for it to be implemented in progressive phases, adapting as the travel agency expands and evolves.

Abacus AutomationHub launches with several modules ready to go:

- Queue Automation: Automates tasks such as checking waitlist status, handling schedule changes, scanning for unticketed reservations

- Fare Record Automation: Checks PNRs for expiring and expired Ticket Fare Records (TFRs), and either alerts travel consultants for follow-up action, have these queued for automated ticketing timeline reminder to the travelers or automatically re-priced via Abacus TicketingExpress, depending on how it is configured

- Service Fee Automation: Automatically applies service fees to new and updated PNRs to prevent revenue loss through errors or oversight. Through an integrated rule engine, service fees can be applied according to the agency needs based on minimum or standard fee logic, Emergency Travel Service (ETS), and even on touches (changes) to the PNR

- Automated Messaging: Automates the sending greetings and offers to customers based on specific triggers such as birthdays and anniversaries, complete with tracking of click-throughs and open-rate. Customer lists can be imported from any customer database platforms, including Abacus ClientBase and third party database in an Excel format

- Automated Ticket Receipt: Automates the tasks of generating custom ticket receipts complete with QR, 2D or barcodes based on the templates pre-defined by the agency. Setup to work with Abacus TicketingExpress, it will format and deliver the ticket receipt as soon as the ticket has been issued, relieving travel consultants of the need to activate this manually, especially during peak travel seasons

Other modules will also be introduced progressively as Abacus AutomationHub is being rolled-out. Built on open standards, Abacus AutomationHub is designed to be able to support local and customized modules.

"We are excited about the part that Abacus AutomationHub can play in helping boost travel agency productivity. The modular components will address each agency's specific needs, and the integration with existing Abacus solutions will help deliver a seamless agent experience," Mr Henry added.

Abacus International

Singapore-based Abacus International is Asia-Pacific's leading provider of travel solutions and services with more than 20,000 travel agency locations in 31 markets. With over 24 years of experience in fusing international best practices and local expertise with global and local partnerships, Abacus provides travel information and reservations specifically tailored to the Asia-Pacific region.

Abacus International is owned by Sabre and a consortium of Asia's leading airlines including All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, EVA Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Dragonair, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, SilkAir and Singapore Airlines. Sabre is the global leader in the electronic distribution of travel and travel related services.