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 November 06, 2012
Hahn Air and Deer Jet Explore Bizjet Distribution Opportunities In Asia

 Hahn Air and Deer Jet, a leading business jet operator and service provider of business aviation in Asia, are jointly announcing their new cooperation supported by Cessna Aircraft Company.

Hahn Air and Deer Jet are signing a Memorandum of Understanding to explore future directions and opportunities in bizjet distribution and sales in the Asian Pacific realm. Among the objectives of the collaboration is the research of innovative means of bizjet distribution using GDS, combining premium long-haul scheduled and private bizjet charter flights, reaching new markets and market segments and facilitating enhanced communication as well as improved payment methods for corporate travel agents.

Hahn Air

Hahn Air is a German scheduled airline that has been specialising in distribution services for other airlines since 1994. The world's largest company of its kind, Hahn Air covers 190 countries and cooperates with 250 airlines and 88,000 travel agencies. Hahn Air's services are exclusive to airlines and travel agents; and are not offered directly to air passengers.

Every year, millions of passengers travel between 4,000 airports using electronic Hahn Air tickets (e-Tickets). Hahn Air is the first and only airline worldwide that offers free and comprehensive insolvency insurance cover for all of its partner's transport services.

Deer Jet

Deer Jet, established in 1995, is the premier professional business aviation company in China with the largest aircraft fleet in Asia. Beyond the charter service, Deer Jet also provides business aircraft management services, aircraft acquisition consulting services, ground handling services by building domestic FBO network and maintenance services by setting up a MRO company jointly with Gulfstream. Deer Jet won countless awards including ARGUS Platinum Certification, IS-BAO Certification and "the Best Private Jet Company in Asia" awarded by Global Traveler Magazine. Deer Jet is now becoming a comprehensive service provider of business aviation and is aiming at becoming one of the biggest and influential business aviation players in the world in short future.


Cessna is the world's leading general aviation company. Since its inception in 1927, Cessna has designed, produced and delivered more than 193,500 airplanes around the globe. This includes more than 6,300 Citation business jets, making it the largest fleet of business jets in the world. As an innovator on the cutting-edge, Cessna is a growing presence on the Chinese market. A shared vision of future endeavors in the field of aviation in China connects Cessna with the efforts of Hahn Air and Deer Jet.