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 November 07, 2012
Amadeus Mobile Access Gives Travel Agents Easy, Secure 24x7 Customer Service

 Amadeus has announced the launch of Mobile Access, a browser-based mobile device reservation solution to help travel agents in Asia Pacific address the needs of travellers 24x7.

Powered by Resbird Technologies, India, a member of the Amadeus Partner Network, Mobile Access is the smartphone and tablet version of Amadeus Selling Platform, the travel industry's most used retailing application.

Amadeus Mobile Access helps travel agents address the immediate needs of travellers remotely via a familiar user interface, on a tablet or smartphone. This helps them stay on top of customer needs without work accumulating back in the office, or relying on other staff members to complete traveller requests. Mobile Access gives access to a range of travel content, from fare quotes and bookings, PNR creation, modification & cancellation through to ticketing and sales reports across air, car and hotels.

David Brett, President Amadeus Asia Pacific said: "As mobile devices infiltrate the travel ecosystem, consumer expectations for immediate travel-related mobile services have heightened. If technology shapes consumer behaviour, then right now, it's all about using mobile devices to research, book or amend travel plans on the fly.

"Increasingly, travel agents are also less deskbound but still need to manage their workload efficiently to provide good customer service and avoid a backlog of fulfilment. Amadeus' role is to identify these trends and innovate to support our travel agency customers. It's with this in mind that we worked with Resbird Technologies, India to develop Mobile Access to give travel agents all the benefits of the familiar Amadeus Selling Platform on a mobile device."

Amadeus Mobile Access also allows agents to react quickly to crisis situations in the travel industry, for example in cases of extreme weather. By being connected via a mobile device, travel agents can conveniently modify a customer's booking at the touch of a screen from wherever they may be.

Bruno des Fontaines, Vice President, Business Solutions, Amadeus Asia Pacific said: "As consumers increasingly look to travel comparison sites and even direct bookings to arrange their travel, Mobile Access helps travel agencies maximise sales, efficiency & customer service in a highly competitive environment. Not only does the tool support new sales, but it allows travel agents to provide a premium service to existing customers, ensuring customer loyalty with no additional cost involved."

Mobile Access is the latest technology in a full suite of Mobile Solutions which Amadeus has developed to meet new traveller demands; for all segments of the travel buying ecosystem including travel agencies, travel consultants, corporate customers and end-travellers.