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 January 20, 2014
Scoot and Amadeus Sign Long-Term Content Agreement

 Amadeus has signed an extensive long-term content agreement with Scoot (TZ), Singapore's newest no-frills, low-cost airline.

The new agreement offers Amadeus travel agency customers immediate access to the same level of fares, availability and functionality as any other travel agency content channel.

"Travel agencies connect with our customers in another important way beyond our website or call centres. As the largest global distribution system with the widest network of travel agents, it makes sense for us to partner with Amadeus," said Campbell Wilson, CEO, Scoot.

This agreement provides the airline with an effective and technologically advanced distribution partner.

"We are working tirelessly to expand our low cost carrier (LCC) content to offer the best, most relevant content for our travel agency customers. This is one step among many to deliver more budget air travel options via our network in the region," added Angel Gallego, President, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

Today, 70 low-cost and hybrid airlines are bookable within Amadeus via XML or the standard distribution solutions. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) are an area of constant growth and LCC bookings from Amadeus travel agencies in the third quarter of 2013 increased by 18% year-on-year.