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 July 28, 2014
Solomon Airlines Online Bookings Powered By Amadeus Flex Pricer

 Amadeus has announced Solomon Airlines' launch of Amadeus Flex Pricer. The new online booking solution offers travellers an unrivalled online shopping experience and will help grow the airline's revenue.

Solomon Airlines can now offer greater personalisation of travel options, making sure customers can quickly find the flights and fares that best meet their needs.

Travellers now have the ability to book multi-sector flights in a single ticket, allowing both international flights and domestic connections to be actioned at the same time.

Amadeus Flex Pricer also allows international travellers to combine business class bookings with economy class connections in a single ticket and currency. In the event flights are not available for a particular date or connection, the system automatically provides users with a range of optional dates to select from along with any current special fares or discounts readily displayed.

Solomon Airlines General Manager Operations and Commercial, Gus Kraus, said, "Amadeus' Flex Pricer will significantly improve our ability to provide a simplified but very effective streamlining of bookings, flights options and fares for both the travel industry and consumers alike."

"One of the biggest challenges for today's airlines is increasing their margins. Amadeus Flex Pricer is a proven solution that will allow Solomon Airlines to reduce their IT costs while also driving online sales to increase revenues," added, Hazem Hussein, EVP, Airline Commercial, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

Amadeus Flex Pricer is available 'off-the-shelf' and gives Solomon Airlines the ability to offer comprehensive booking options to extend their market reach quickly and cost efficiently.

Flex Pricer is part of the Amadeus Airline e-Commerce Suite, which is now the most widely used in the travel industry. Amadeus powers over 260 websites in more than 110 countries for over 100 airlines.


Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines is the national airline of the Solomon Islands headquartered in Honiara. The airline currently operates regular return services from Honiara to Brisbane, Fiji and Vanuatu and as well as an extensive domestic network around the Solomon Islands.