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 July 21, 2015
Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong Complimentary Guest Amenity 'Handy' Smartphone

 Catering to today's travellers and the needs of tomorrow, Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong is pleased to announce the launch of a new complimentary guest amenity, available in all 664 guestrooms; the innovative, 'handy' smartphone, keeping guests connected throughout their stay in the city.

The handy phones offer guests complimentary, unlimited local and international IDD calls to Australia, China, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States, as well as 3G data connectivity and wifi tethering anywhere in the city, making it a seamless experience to stay connected with families, friends and businesses anytime, at no cost to the guest.

The phone comes pre-loaded with a variety of useful applications for tech-savvy guests, including news services, a video and camera function, a currency converter, MTR train location maps, city tips on what to see, where to shop and where to eat, social media platforms, and many more. Guests may also download other applications from the Google Play store, personalising the phone to suit their needs.

Additionally, the device equips guests with interactive local maps and a Hong Kong city guide, allowing them to travel in Hong Kong just like a local with all the latest happenings in the city, events, restaurant recommendations, city-wide discounts and attractions.

"Our hotel has always strived to offer state-of-the art amenities and experiences to cater to the changing needs of leisure and business travellers. With the new handy phones in all our guest rooms, we are able to enhance our guest experience, in order for them to stay connected and access essential information anytime whilst they breeze around the city,' says Shaun Campbell, general manager of Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong. "Guests can take photos and videos on the handy, easily transfer them to their own devices before they leave, and all data will be cleared the moment a guest checks out, with a new number and fresh start for every new guest that checks in. It's the way forward."