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 April 04, 2001
The Launch Of "Singapore Intelligence Centre"

 Welcome remarks by Mr James L. Papineau, Deputy General Manager, Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre at the launch of "Singapore Intelligence Centre"

Thank you for being here today. I would also like to extend my appreciation to all our partners for their support of this initiative. A special "thank you" to Mr Yeo Khee Leng, Chief Executive of the Singapore Tourism Board, for their generous support, which has made this project possible.

We are here today because we are all stakeholders in something that is far greater than any of our individual properties.

The fact is that this Suntec / Marina / Raffles City precinct truly is ìan unsurpassed event infrastructure. There are over 5,000 hotel rooms, 1,000 shops, 300 restaurants and soon, Singapore's new centre for the performing arts - The Esplanade - all interconnected to one of the finest convention facilities in Asia. It is a unique product without peer, a destination within a destination - a convention city within the convention capital of Asia.

In total, there are 75,000 square metres of meeting, convention and exhibition space, 140 meeting rooms, 12 ballrooms, and more than 5,000 guest rooms all interconnected. It can be considered "all under one roof". We call it the "Singapore Intelligence Centre: Where Great Minds Meet".

Many cities and countries around the world have long recognised the convention and exhibition industry as part of a long-term economic strategy to foster economic development through new business investment, job creation and tourism. However, the development of the convention and exhibition business is outside the scope of the sales efforts of any one company, organisation or group of hotels. To be successful, it takes the combined effort of the tourism board, national airline, hotels, venue and industry suppliers.

But what kind of business do you want us to fill the convention centre with?

Our objective is to attract the type of business that is beneficial to all of us - our hotels, our companies. We want the type of business that will yield the highest return to our owners.

What is the role of the Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre (SICEC)? We are a facilitator of business and an engine of growth for the surrounding area. We are an important distribution channel for our partners to tap into a high yield and high profile market segment.

The convention and exhibition business is more than just about filling hotel rooms, convention halls and airlines seats. We all know that no advertising campaign by itself is going to be successful. There has to be a tactical element behind it. In support of this campaign, SICEC has launched several below the line initiatives:

- Appointed a European sales representative and engaged International Conference Research to identify specific North American-based group business for Singapore.
- Developing a "Singapore Intelligence Centre" fullfillment collateral
- Upgrade the SICEC web site to incorporate the "Singapore Intelligence Centre" with links to all our partners.

In total this campaign represents an investment of $1,000,000.00 per year, for three years, with the lion's share coming from the private sector. Who benefits? We all do - and not just the hotels in this precinct. This project is about pushing the envelop - hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions all over this city will benefit.

Most importantly, this project is a mirror of what Singapore is all about. It's about working together, it's about being the best and it's about staying in front of the curve - not one but several steps ahead of the competition.