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 October 29, 2001
Suntec SICEC Launches A New Name and Logo

 Today, the Singapore International Convention And Exhibition Centre launched a new corporate identity and new business strategies to redefine its brand offering and to further enhance Singapore?s positioning as the world?s fifth ranked convention city and as Asia?s number one convention destination. The re-positioning of the Convention Centre?s brand is a step towards re-inventing itself to stay relevant to a changing environment and to optimise new opportunities that abound in a changed landscape.

The Convention Centre?s new name is Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre officially, with Suntec Singapore being the new brand name used in all its marketing communications. The new brand name is easy to recall and contains individuality and character, as well as being in keeping to the colloquial description of its location in Suntec City.

?Since the Convention Centre opened 6 years ago, we have won many awards, played host to innumerable global events, received many world leaders and international figures, as well as contributed significantly to the MICE business in Singapore. We have achieved a stellar performance so far. But with the changed landscape, with new demands and business opportunities, we need to re-invent ourselves to develop new competencies and to enhance the value we offer to our customers. To do that, we have developed new business strategies and re-positioned our corporate identity, so as to adapt to the changed global environment and achieving a brand that is synonymous with excellent service. We are also enhancing the quality of our customer and partner interactions to continually provide excellent service,? said Mr. Warren Buckley, CEO of Suntec Singapore.

Mr. Yeo Khee Leng, Chief Executive for Singapore Tourism Board added, ?The continued success of the MICE industry in Singapore will hinge on the industry?s ability to meet the challenges head on and to adapt to a changing environment altogether. Creativity, innovation and partnership are the vital success factors that will take us forward in these difficult times. I applaud Suntec Singapore for this bold initiative in launching a new brand identity. It is a strong signal of the determination to succeed and to entrench Singaporeís position as one of the best MICE destinations in the world?.

Mr. Yeo also said, ?In markets where image building counts, a stronger identity and brand strategy will help to attract the high yield and high profile MICE market from Europe and the US to Singapore.?

New Corporate Identity and Brand Offering

The Convention Centre has evolutionised its logo to truly express the dynamism, professionalism and vibrancy within the place. Vibrant and expressive colours with bold and easy-to read letterings have been used to communicate the three key qualities, as well as to communicate a strong sense of modernity and relevance.

The spherical shape of the ?Mandala? in the previous logo has been retained, where the ?Mandala? is both a stylistic representation of the convention centreís unique architecture, as well as a representing wholeness, unity, harmony and good fortune. The updated ?Mandala? is now reproduced in two vibrant and contrasting colours of blue and orange, where blue represents water and orange represents the earth, prosperity and energy.

Focusing on Asia Pacific In the Short-Term

Mr. Buckley said, ?Suntec Singapore in the short term will focus on the Asia Pacific, without deflecting from its efforts in the long term in Europe and North America. The Convention Centre will also tap into growth markets like Japan and India.? This is in line with the economic indicators that intra-regional travel and tourism are likely to be the key forces driving the industry over the next year or more.

Cross-industry Alliances and Cooperation

In April 2001, Suntec Singapore launched the Singapore Intelligence Centre marketing alliance with 7 partner hotels in the vicinity, the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Airlines and, a technology solution provider. The alliance saw the successful pooling of resources and cooperation on marketing strategies to increase MICE traffic into Singapore.

The Convention Centre is continuing its efforts in developing cross-industry cooperation, including cross-national alliances. For example, it has formed strategic alliances with key partners to offer customers a comprehensive range of services to complement the Centreís offerings. Customers will benefit from the partnersí services like online exhibition and conference marketing, electronic tracking and on-site registration, internet-based registration and show reports and data mining capabilities.

Harnessing Technology To Increase Value

Suntec Singapore will be the first Convention Centre in Asia Pacific to provide a wireless broadband environment to give customers direct and seamless access to broadband Internet capabilities. Suntec Singapore is working with telecommunication service providers to offer a comprehensive range of wireless Internet services by first quarter of 2002. The wireless environment will facilitate fast and effective business communication and will open up a full array of new opportunities.

At any position within the Convention Centre, visitors and customers will be able to gain access to emails, attend a web broadcast or retrieve and transmit data wirelessly.

To add speed to the customers business flow, Suntec Singapore is making available more information online, including electronic sales kits and e-tools. The e-tools that are being developed together with key partners will enable our customers to gain access to online event services that eliminate tedious manual work and bring efficiency to their work processes.

Developing New Competencies And Improving Its Service Quality

Suntec Singapore has expanded its food and beverage capabilities by achieving the Halal certification for its Muslim kitchen. The Halal certification is given by the MUIS, the local religious authority, to food and beverage operators that comply with the high standards of special food and beverage requirements stipulated by the religious organisation. The award of the Halal certification to the Convention Centre will enable it to meet the need of the Muslim community requiring a Halal menu for their banquets. This achievement significantly enhances Suntec Singapore?s current capabilities, where it is already able to provide a comprehensive selection of food and to cater for up to 20,000 meals for a single event in the Convention Centre.

Underlying all the strategies, a high quality of client and partner interactions will form the cornerstone of all the new business strategies. ?It is because of the support of our customers and our partners that we have recorded such a good performance for the past 6 years. We look forward to reaching new heights by interacting closely with our customers and partners and by leading in service excellence in the industry,? said Mr. Buckley.