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 June 10, 2011
Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) Launches Virtual Meeting

 Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) continues to provide better value, smarter and greener solutions to the public and private sectors by launching the BCCK Virtual Meeting.

"Instead of flying 3 staff, or possibly 10 to attend a meeting outside of Kuching, use our Virtual Meeting at a fraction of the overall cost while reducing your carbon footprint," said Chief Executive Officer Paul D'Arcy.

As explained by BCCK Research Officer Mike Cheng, by sending representatives for conventional meetings outside of Sarawak, an organisation will have to incur additional costs for airfares, airport transfers, accommodation, transportation, meals and at times entertainment.

Cheng added that apart from being a cost saving alternative, BCCK's Virtual Meeting aids organisations to be more efficient and productive. As an example, product demonstrations, idea presentations and negotiations are now all possible within two to three hours as opposed to 48 hours through conventional meetings.

The BCCK Virtual Meeting eliminates the need for a group to huddle around a camera, as the camera has the ability to focus to any speaker with a press of a button. Supported by superior internet speed, which will enables your message to get across in real time. Professional support is also readily available throughout the Virtual Meeting session.

Butler service for coffee, tea and snack items are also included throughout the session. For Virtual Meetings exceeding three hours, BCCK will include Lunch, Dinner or Supper with the latter indicating BCCK's commitment and readiness to support important meetings regardless of time.

"Technology is there to simplify our transactions in the electronic age. We started with the internet, and had grown accustomed to online purchases and banking," said D'Arcy.

"Likewise, BCCK's Virtual Meeting, is an efficient and reliable product which helps you save on travelling expenses, time and offers a convenient way to compliment your CSR policies by limiting your impact on the environment," added D'Arcy.

BCCK is the first purpose built Convention Centre on the Island of Borneo located just 8km from the Kuching City Centre. Complemented with world-class facilities and a dedicated team of professionals, BCCK is ready to ensure the success of your events, no matter the size.