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 May 30, 2012
New MAIHAMA Amphitheater At The Tokyo Disney Resort

 The Tokyo Disney Resort will start renting out its new MAIHAMA Amphitheater this September.

The theater was used exclusively by Cirque du Soleil until December of 2011, and is being renovated for wide range of purposes, including corporate events, academic lectures, presentations, and music concerts. The main feature is a circular stage surrounded by 2,170 stadium seats. Organizers who use the hall will have the convenience of the IKSPIARI shopping and dining center next door, two Disney theme parks, and 9 world class hotels.

The MAIHAMA Amphitheater is a 10 minutes walk from JR Maihama Station, and from there it is 15 minutes to Tokyo Station by train, and 60 minutes to Narita Airport by bus.