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 December 18, 2012
Repeat Business Boosts Results For Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

 The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) is seeing a positive and exciting year ahead for 2013 with 40 of the long-standing clients have already booked their events for next year.

Year-to-date, repeat clients from the Exhibitions and Banquets & Functions divisions alone accounted for over 95 events held this year. More than half the numbers came from Exhibitions. Repeat business is key to the Centre's success as it demonstrates the Centre's exceptional ability to not only expand its business portfolio, but retain loyal clients amidst the increasingly competitive industry.

Attributing the year-to-date success to excellent customer service and professionalism provided by a committed and enthusiastic team, the Centre's General Manager, Datuk Peter Brokenshire also acknowledged clients who have been supporting the Centre since its opening in 2005. "We wish to thank our valued clients who have patronised the Centre over the years, particularly those who have provided us with repeat business. The mutual trust between us was the deciding factor in driving past events and it will continue to be the key ingredient for success for more events to come."

In line with Datuk Brokenshire's comments, Mr Marc Yong, Senior Manager of Maxis Berhad, when approached for comment on his experience said, "holding an event at the Centre is always a truly wonderful experience, apart from the great facilities, the people who handled our event were truly efficient. They exemplify what service and customer-oriented personnel should be."

And Mr Yong is not alone as another long-standing client. PIKOM's Project Manager Ms Grace Lee felt the Centre's team was "great in providing their support throughout the event. We would like the thank the Centre's IT team for their expertise, and the operations and exhibitions team who were always helpful and provided useful information and recommendations to ensure we delivered a good event."

From 1 January to 30 November 2012, the Centre hosted 1,382 events, served 1.45 million delegates and visitors, bringing in an economic impact contribution of RM515 million to Kuala Lumpur city and Malaysia.