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 March 21, 2003
International Convention Centre, Jeju, Korea To Open March 22

 Located on Korea's beautiful island resort of Jeju, the International Convention Centre (ICC) Jeju is set to open its doors on March 22nd , 2003. Situated on 54,876 km2 of land within the Jungmun Resort Complex; ICC and Jeju Island satisfy every need for conventions, lodging, travel and leisure activities.

ICC Jeju has two underground and five aboveground floors with its architecture, modeled after the island itself, capturing the beauty of its seaside location. Over 8,000 m 2 of technologically advanced and flexible convention space is spread over four major halls and is complimented by additional small to mid-sized meeting rooms. Public indoor and outdoor spaces have vistas that look out over the northern Pacific Ocean and the lush greenery of this subtropical island.