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 May 26, 2003
All's COOL At Suntec Singapore

 Since the SARS outbreak two months ago, Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre (Suntec Singapore) has implemented many comprehensive SARS precautionary measures and most recently, Suntec Singapore received the COOL Award for achieving the Gold Standard for Best Practices In SARS Precautionary Measures for venues. The COOL Programme is organised by Singapore Tourism Board/Spring Singapore and audited by international audit firm KPMG.

Among the 10 stringent requirements set by the organisers, one of the key measures is to take the temperature of all event attendees. To facilitate this, Suntec Singapore has installed thermal scanners to screen the temperatures of every event attendee at strategic locations. While minimising inconvenience to event participants as much as possible, Suntec Singapore is confident that organisers and participants will appreciate the added peace of mind.

The first major event that benefited from the installation of the thermal scanners was the concert for the two Hong Kong pop stars, Sally Yeh and George Lam, that was held on Saturday, 24 May at Suntec Singapore. About 8,000 people attended the concert, in addition to other events held that day like Learning for Success, a wedding exhibition, a Chinese wedding banquet and an Islamic Spirituality conference. The organiser of the concert, Mr Leslie Ong, Director of Unusual Productions said: " We are very pleased that Suntec Singapore has taken the various precautionary measures. Especially with the thermal scanning of our concert attendees, these measures are able to provide the assurance needed to attract people to come to these events again."

Warren J. Buckley, Chief Executive Officer for Suntec Singapore said: "Like many businesses, our revenue has been impacted by the outbreak of SARS around the world, and while we are trying our best to manage the revenue decline, we believe that it is important to invest in as many preventive measures as possible for the sake of everyone's health and to rebuild confidence among organisers, exhibitors and event participants. At the same time, we have been working closely with STB and our partners on business recovery and we are doing our best to achieve this in the shortest time possible. Although we cannot tell when the full recovery will be, the situation has stabilised and that is a good start."

Stringent SARS Precautionary Measures At Suntec Singapore

Suntec Singapore achieved the Gold Standard for Venues after an audit was conducted by KPMG that the venue met ten key requirements. Some of these requirements were:

- 100% of venue staff have temperatures checked daily
- 100% of suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors have their temperatures checked before entering the venue premises
- 100% 0f event attendees have their temperatures checked, full compliance with the Ministry of Health and Singapore Tourism Board joint health advisory on SARS for event organisers
- Disinfecting of all used rooms and common facilities
- Obtained good ratings from National Environment Agency's Eating Establishment Grading Scheme for all food & beverage outlets within the venue premises
- Provision of SARS prevention information to event attendees and staff
- Appointment of a SARS Prevention Manager who will be in-charge of ensuring compliance as well as in-charge of development and updating of SARS preventative measures and SARS incidents contingency plan
- No working staff has visited SARS affected areas within the last 10 days and so on

Other Precautionary Measures at Suntec Singapore

- Increased cleaning and disinfecting of public areas like lift cabs, lift buttons, escalators handrails, door handles/push plates and toilets.

- Increasing the fresh air supply into the venue by purging the air daily.

- Daily checking and monitoring of Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Fan Coil Units (FCU) in our buildings' central air-conditioning system.

- A certified applicator was appointed to apply an anti-microbial treatment to all filters and cooling fans at the Air Handling Units and Fan Coils of the central air-conditioning system. This is aimed at improving the indoor air quality to prevent growth of micro-organisms and reducing the risk of allergenic responses resulting from growth of mold, mildew and other micro-organisms.

- Employees are regularly updated on the MOH precautionary guidelines and their state of health is closely monitored, while working with the company doctors.

- All employees going on leave are required to declare their destination of travel if going overseas when applying for leave.