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 November 17, 2014
HKCEC Receives International Recognition For Sustainability

 The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ("HKCEC") has successfully achieved Level One certification to the ASTM Standard for the Evaluation and Selection of Venues for Environmentally Sustainable Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, and Conferences. Since its launch in 2012, this stringent standard has only been achieved by a small number of major venues in the world.

ASTM International, or the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), was established in 1898. It is a world renowned organisation that specializes in developing standards for a broad range of professions and industries. The ASTM Standard defines the considerations for venue selection by environmentally conscious event organisers. It requires the venue management to demonstrate commitment to sustainability in nine areas such as waste management, energy and water conservation and air quality.

Ms Monica Lee-Müller, Managing Director of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited ("HML"), commented, "We are proud that the HKCEC is recognised by the ASTM Standard. It is a strong evidence of the HML's ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and acting in a socially responsible manner. This achievement is resulted from concerted effort of the entire HML team. I am also pleased that, as indicated in a company-wide staff survey conducted earlier this year, vast majority of our staff have shown favourable support to the company's sustainability strategies."

The development of the ASTM Standard was led by the Green Meeting and Industry Council ("GMIC"). GMIC is a professional organisation with over 600 members, and provides educational resources to event organisers, suppliers, and venues seeking to meet the ever-rising expectations for sustainable events. Ms Connie Bergeron, President of the GMIC added, "Responsible environmental and social practices in the event and meeting industry is a global concern. Congratulations to the HKCEC for joining the league of pioneering world class venues that have been certified to the ASTM Standard."

During the last two years, with investment in technology upgrade and process enhancement, HML has successfully reduced its electricity and water consumption by almost 10% respectively, a remarkable achievement considering its extensive portfolio of over 1,000 events and close to 6 million visitors a year. HML has a full-time managerial executive dedicated to driving the company's sustainability initiatives.

Visit the HKCEC's website to learn more about its green efforts and commitment: