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 June 14, 2013
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) Sets The Standard For The Virtual Travel Industry

 Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), consolidator of the largest global inventory of public and private videoconferencing rooms for the travel industry, has launched a new online booking platform and sets the standard for the virtual travel industry. With this redesign, GVN takes an important step forward in the virtual revolution, by incorporating customer and travel industry feedback, to deliver face-to-face virtual communication services within the standard travel industry processes. Travelers may now book virtual flights to over 3,000 convenient locations worldwide via their preferred travel agents, online booking tools or directly on GVN Airlines.

"With GVN, virtual travel is no longer a perceived threat to the travel industry. We have created a virtual solution whose benefits deliver an accepted, mature and complementary piece to the existing travel market," states Glenn Wastyn, President and CEO of GVN. "We created our high-quality solution as a supplement to travel. Now, travelers can be two places at once for face-to-face meetings and in a more efficient manner than ever before: cheaper, faster and greener."

Booking a virtual meeting via GVN mimics the traditional flight booking process familiar to any traveler. High-quality GVN technology and hardware are placed in hotel meeting rooms and business centers across the globe but no technical knowledge or user-jargon is required to take a virtual flight, just as no actual flight knowledge is required to travel via an airplane.

"When, where and how many; that's all you need to know to book a GVN virtual flight. You can further filter via the cheapest, the closest or the best rooms while GVN dynamically sorts the rest; including attendee time zones, participant invitations, payment options, and the onsite room services without the technical hassle of setting-up the equipment," concludes Glenn Wastyn.

Further user-management enhancements for travel bookers, travel coordinators, travel agents, and corporate travel managers will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. These full-service travel offerings are aligned in the GVN booking suite for transparent information exchange and offline reporting and in support of corporate travel management and policy.

Global Videoconferencing Network

Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), The Virtual Airline, provides an end-to-end videoconferencing solution integrated into the travel industry channels for corporate customers. GVN manages the hardware, financing, service while fully supporting the commercial model and structure of the travel industry. Headquartered in Belgium with an office in the USA, GVN business goals include deploying 20,000 user end-points by 2017, spread exponentially over the deployment years. GVN is privately owned.

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