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 June 20, 2014
BestCities Scores The Trifecta With The Top Three Most Livable Cities In The World

 In racing parlance -- it's first, second and third for BestCities Global Alliance with three partners securing the top three places in Monacle Magazine's 2014 Quality of Life Survey.

Denmark's capital, Copenhagen has retained first position for the second year in the row, whilst Melbourne is the highest placed Australian city at number three.

BestCities first Regional Affiliate Member, Tokyo, has demonstrated why it's a worthy candidate for full partnership moving up two places from last year into second position.

Summarizing this year's survey results Monacle Magazine state: "Finding the measure of a city is as much about the intangibles that light up a community as the infrastructure keeping it going."

According to the London-based magazine: "Copenhagen is unbeatable." "Tokyo has all the economic and cultural benefits of a big modern city" and "Melbourne's cultural credentials are second to none."

Copenhagen easily secured top spot again with its "easy living and cosmopolitan, but down-to-earth, atmosphere".

"Living in Copenhagen is easy. It's pretty safe, it's simple to get around whether you walk or ride your bicycle and you have a lot of good restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, parks, canals and beaches," Monocle said.

Monacle also cited Melbourne's recent upgrades to its public transport system, its low crime rate and even its inclusion of 'a compelling new weekend paper' as reasons why it made the top-three and Tokyo secured its second place spot with great food, arts and shopping scene.

Commenting on the survey results, Jane Vong Holmes, Managing Director, BestCities Global Alliance, said how proud the alliance was to have three partners placed in the top three positions of Monacle's Quality of Life survey.

"Our membership criteria are quite diverse and we place as much importance on the livability and desirability of our partner cities as we do on their capacity to successfully host world-class meetings," said Ms Vong Holmes.

"All ten of our BestCities destinations have international caché, are rich in historical and cultural depth and offer a high standard of living. The cities are known for comfort, cleanliness and safety and are vibrant destinations that feature great natural beauty, striking waterfronts, major tourist attractions, lively arts scenes, first-rate hotels, fine dining, and world-class shopping.

"In short they are all amazing cities to visit and wonderful cities to live in.

"We are equally proud of our other BestCities' partners who made it into Monacle's 8th survey including Vancouver which, at number 15, is the highest ranking city in the Americas, Singapore whose super-efficient Changi Airport helped place them in 16th place and Berlin which has the accolade of being this year's 'highest riser' moving six places up to 14th position," concludes Ms Vong Holmes.