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 July 22, 2014
Hong Kong Exhibitions Proven As Ideal Business Platforms, Again

 The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association ("HKECIA") today announced very encouraging results of its annual survey of the exhibition activity covering the 2013 calendar year.

While uncertainties over global economy remain, the survey results show clearly that more international exhibitors take the unique advantages of participating in Hong Kong's trade exhibitions to expand business network and to reach potential buyers from Asia, especially Mainland China.

Questionnaires were sent to organisers of a total of 100 "trade" and "trade and consumer" exhibitions utilising over 2,000 sqm held during 2013. Responses from 93 exhibitions were received.

The survey showed that the total number of exhibiting companies at 62,101 grew by 3.7% over 2012, which indicates the value that international businesses place on Hong Kong as an exhibition destination. In 2013, these showed growth across all sectors: Hong Kong, Regional, International and Mainland China. Particularly significant was the 18.8% jump in international exhibiting companies, accompanied by a 5.5% rise in regional exhibiting companies.

Visitor numbers were strong for the year, with a year-on-year rise of 6.5% to 1,839,424. The number of Mainland Chinese visitors jumped by 12.8% and Hong Kong visitors grew by 7.4%. These figures suggest that Asian businesses now have considerable purchasing power, making international and regional companies eager to expand their business contacts here. Clearly, Hong Kong trade exhibitions are proven ideal platforms for such purposes.

In line with the increase in exhibiting companies, net square meterage occupied by exhibitors grew by 5.9% while stand rental revenues increased by 7.7%. These figures are higher than the percentage growth in number of exhibiting companies, indicating that exhibiting companies were renting more space in 2013.

HKECIA newly elected Chairman Mr Javed Khan commented on the survey results, "It is clear that Hong Kong remains an important destination for international and Mainland businesses, which is why we are seeing a rise in exhibiting companies and visitors coming here. The figures are also interesting in that they suggest a shift in global economic realities, as increasing numbers of international exhibiting companies are coming to Hong Kong for business opportunities. All this is very encouraging for the Hong Kong exhibition industry, which contributes so significantly to Hong Kong's economic wellbeing. The importance of our industry is well recognised by the HKSAR Government which has commissioned a professional consultancy study on the demand of exhibition and convention facilities in Hong Kong. I look forward to the results of this very important study and the Government's prompt initiatives in addressing its recommendations. "

Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association

The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (HKECIA) was established in 1990 to promote Hong Kong as a world-class exhibition and conference destination and the trade fair capital of Asia Pacific. It works to represent the interests of all members involved in the exhibition and convention industries, and provides a unified voice in dealing with the government, legislative and statutory bodies, the media and public organisations, on all matters associate with the role of the exhibition and convention industry in Hong Kong's economy. In addition, it offers training and educational programmes, and collects, analyses and distributes information and statistics relating to the industry. Currently, HKECIA has 112 members including exhibition organisers, venue managers and operators, contractors, hotels, and travel agents.

HKECIA is a member of UFI -- The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.