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 February 24, 2015
Adelaide's Pre & Post Touring Portal An Australian First; Business To Leisure Made Easy

 A stay in an underground hotel in the outback town of Coober Pedy, swimming with wild Dolphins at Glenelg, a visit to Kangaroo Island, tasting Grange at the home of Penfolds, a day in the world famous Barossa sampling some of the regions finest ... all just got a whole lot easier for business delegates heading to South Australia.

The Adelaide Convention Bureau is excited to launch its new online booking portal for delegates seeking pre and post conference touring experiences, which have long been known to be a lucrative addition for destinations hosting business events. The innovative new development can be accessed at the following link here

The portal, the winner of the inaugural Australian Association of Convention Bureaux (AACB) Innovation Award is an Australian first. 12 months in development has seen the hard work come to fruition to afford visiting delegates a one stop shop link to peruse a host of experiences around South Australia to enjoy outside their conference program via an easy booking system. This maximises and prolongs their time in South Australia.

"Adelaide is about making life easy for delegates and event planners. Whilst we're not as well-known as perhaps some of the eastern seaboard destinations, the feedback we constantly receive is how much people love the city and region once they visit" said Adelaide Convention Bureau CEO Damien Kitto.

As one of the top places to visit in 2015 in a recent New York Times article, Adelaide has a lot on offer in both the CBD and beyond. The interest and genuine fascination with the South Australian offering by national and international delegates led to the concept of the portal being created for time poor business people.

"In the time poor era in which we live, this facility obviously makes life easy for delegates to share information about South Australia with their friends or family. Decisions can be made and experiences booked simply and easily with a fantastic overview of what to expect available in advance without having to spend hours on line searching and researching" said Mr Kitto.

The portal features touring options ranging in duration from several hours to a few days and all have the built in flexibility one would come to expect of a leisure booking system with trips being able to be extended and a range of accommodation options available.

In months and years to come, the range of experiences will undoubtedly expand even further making the Adelaide Convention Bureau's website truly a one stop shop for all things for delegates.