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 April 14, 2015
AFTA to Feature In Travel Industry Exhibition Seminar Sessions

 The Travel Industry Exhibition has announced the first two of nine seminar sessions in the free to attend program. These two seminar sessions will be hosted by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and will take place on Thursday 16 July and Friday 17 July at Luna Park, Sydney.

Joanne Tralaggan, Marketing and Communications Manager for AFTA, will be providing attendees with an update on AFTA'S accreditation program ATAS, on day one of the program.

"As industry supporters of the Travel Industry Exhibition, we are very pleased to be participating in the seminar program. We are absolutely dedicated to educating the trade industry and consumers about ATAS and we hope to use our session to communicate all of the marketing initiatives we are undertaking to reach the consumer."

Ms Tralaggan went on to say, "We will also address ways in which ATAS travel intermediaries can maximise their accreditation to ensure they have a competitive advantage in today's deregulated market."

Day two of the educational program will host the Director of AFTA Education & Training, Rick Myatt.
Mr Myatt will be speaking about AQF qualifications versus 'fit for purpose' skill sets within an industry education, explaining that his seminar will "lead the audience to a better understanding of the current qualification framework under the National Training Package for Tourism, Travel & Hospitality (SIT12)."

Mr Myatt also said, "I will identify the specific skill sets required to become a competent travel enterpriser and explain why they are necessary in ATAS minimum qualification standards as part of the accreditation program."

Further information on the program schedule for the exhibition will be released in stages with all seminars being free to attend.