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 February 05, 2016
Dreamtime 2015, Business Events Australia Survey Results Are In...

 At the close of Dreamtime 2015 in December, Business Events Australia sent a survey to the 95 hosted buyers, 10 Convention Bureaux, 54 industry partners and 21 international and domestic media who attended.

The results were a resounding success with 94 per cent of buyers either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the Dreamtime program and 95 per cent likely to send travellers to Australia after having attended the event. At the time of completing the survey, 11 per cent of sellers indicated they received between 6 to 11 leads, while 50 per cent indicated that they had generate 1 to 5 leads.

One seller commented "attending BEA's Dreamtime allowed me to gather market intelligence from all key source countries and also to meet with international buyers while showcasing Australia's incentive offerings".