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 June 20, 2012
New UFI Executive Trio Announced

 Meeting in Hamburg, Germany on June 18, UFI's Board of Directors announced that, effective November 2012, the next UFI President's Triumvirate will be composed of:

- Chen Xian Jin (China Association of Exhibition Centres, China), President
- Renaud Hamaide (Comexposium, France), Incoming President
- Arie Brienen (Jaarbeurs Holding, NL), Outgoing President.

Renaud Hamaide, CEO of both Comexposium and Viparis, France, will be the newcomer to the three year UFI Presidential cycle starting at the 79th UFI Congress in Abu Dhabi in November 2012. Hamaide will serve one year as Incoming-President (Executive Vice-President), one year as President, and one year as Past-President (Executive Vice-President). The President in office will thus have two Executive Vice-Presidents to support him. This structure makes possible a rapid, and geographically varied, rotation at the head of the association and ensures continuity within the organisation.

Renaud Hamaide has been CEO of the French Comexposium group since 2010. He is also Executive CEO at Viparis. Comexposium is a leader in the organisation of French trade fairs, organising five of the top ten exhibitions in the country while Viparis manages most of the major exhibition venues in Paris.

Arie Brienen, current UFI President through November 2012, stated, "Renaud is an excellent addition to UFI's executive trio. He is leading one of the world's most important exhibition businesses and will bring a wide range of business experience to the leadership of our organization.

UFI is the global association of the world's leading tradeshow organizers and exhibition centre operators, as well as the major national and international exhibition associations and selected partners of the exhibition industry. Representing 593 member organizations in 85 countries, UFI's main goal is to represent, promote and support the business interests of its members and the exhibition industry. By promoting the unique characteristics of trade fairs, UFI provides an efficient networking platform where professionals of the exhibition industry can exchange ideas and experiences.

Almost 900 international trade fairs proudly bear the UFI approved label, a quality guarantee for visitors and exhibitors alike. UFI members provide the international business community with a unique marketing media aimed at developing outstanding face-to-face business opportunities.