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 August 28, 2012
Hotel Investment Forum India (HIFI) Announces Hall of Fame Award

 The Hosts of Hotel Investment Forum India (HIFI) have announced that the Hall of Fame Award at HIFI 2013 will be received by two visionary hotel developers in India -- Mr. Radhe Shyam Saraf and Mr. Chandru L. Raheja. The awards will be presented during HIFI, scheduled for 14-15 January 2013, at the Leela Kempinski Gurgaon, Delhi (N.C.R.), India. HIFI is hosted by Burba Hotel Network (BHN) and Horwath HTL.

Both Mr. Saraf, Chairman of the Saraf Group, and Mr. CL Raheja, Chairman of K Raheja Corp, have successfully led their respective family-owned businesses into an industry that was alien to their fundamental calling.

Mr. Saraf and Mr. Raheja have made significant contributions to the Indian hospitality industry by promoting and creating hotels that have enjoyed leadership in their respective markets; these hotels have often been distinguished by the scale and nature of facilities created. They have successfully transformed some challenging locations into highly successfully and even landmark hotels. Their wisdom and courage in making large investments, across various markets and segments, speaks for their entrepreneurial ability and risk-taking outlook.

"We are delighted to recognize the outstanding contributions of Mr. Saraf and Mr. Raheja in creating large and landmark hotel developments in India. Their vision and zeal in creating hotel assets in India are only part of their respective achievements as business leaders and contributors to the Indian economy and community. We are proud to be able to honor them with the HIFI Hall of Fame Award," said Jim Burba, President of HIFI host, BHN. "HIFI is making a rare departure in independently honoring two leaders at the same time, simply because their achievements and vision are equally meritorious," Burba added.

The HIFI Hall of Fame Award is presented to an individual in the hospitality industry who exemplifies outstanding business practices, leadership, and achievements, both professionally and personally. Previous HIFI Hall of Fame Award winners have been PRS Oberoi, Capt. CP Krishnan Nair, Naresh Goyal and Maharaja Arvind Singh Mewar.